About the product's first release and history

Today we are releasing our first product.

This is something we were very excited about.

420 FourTwoO, as the name implies, is inspired by cannabis (marijuana).

It's widely known that the number 420 refers to that plant (April 20 is consideredCannabis Day).

The founder, Keisuke Kuribara, is a Japanese man living in Tokyo, Japan, where the company is also located.

In Japan, as in many parts of the world, it is illegal to trade and grow marijuana.

However, I learned about cannabis through music and foreign friends a few years ago that it is commonly used and did my medical research, the legal system, and history.

The results turned my Japanese education on its head.

Now I know, through running web media and through my friends, that there are many cannabis enthusiasts in the world.

We know that there is no great harm in the use of cannabis, and medical studies have even shown that it is good for the mind and body.

It's a healthy indulgence.

Have you ever used cannabis to cause a fight with someone? Or have you ever seen people fighting?

There shouldn't be.

It makes me feel chill, so it's only natural.

I'm a Japanese guy who loves hip-hop and cannabis, and I think it would be interesting to connect with cannabis enthusiasts by bringing our products to them as the 420 FourTwoO brand.

And we hope to donate a portion of our sales to organizations such as NORML that address the contradictions in cannabis laws and regulations.

As a small company, we're starting small, but we hope to eventually grow and get 420 FourTwoO into the common language of cannabis.

Thanks for reading to the end.