We don't mass produce and have a discounts

We don't mass produce clothing.

Typically, the apparel industry keeps production costs down by making products in large quantities, but we set the list price so that we can sell up to half the price and still make a profit.

This is because of the added cost of unsold and disposal.

Of course, energy is invested in the manufacture of clothes, so you can imagine that this is not environmentally friendly.

By making and selling large quantities and adding the cost of disposal to the list price, we are making a profit.

This is not what we are trying to achieve.

The cannabis plant is an environmental benefit.

It produces very little waste, mitigates climate change through carbon sequestration, requires less energy and water to grow, restores damaged soils, and helps deter deforestation.

As a cannabis concept, we should deal with the global environment.

Therefore, we don't mass produce and we don't hold frequent sales.

As a result, 420 FourTwoO has a higher cost ratio than most brands.

We hope to connect with you by using what we have as it is and selling it on a limited basis.

Thank you.