Neon Kush Hoodie



Embroidered with neon cannabis plants and the words FourTwoO.


The design is inspired by baseball uniforms, with 42 numbers and the name THC.


THC and DELTA 9 are the primary psychoactive compounds in marijuana.

The designer played baseball until high school.

  • 12.7 oz
  • 100% Cotton
  • Lining: Pile
  • The fabric is fluffy.
  • The back yarn pile is woven with thicker strings to give the material a heavy feel.
  • To reduce shrinkage after washing, the fabric is washed and tumble dried in the manufacturing process.
  • The stitching in areas where strength is applied, such as armholes and cuffs, is double-stitched with thicker threads and coarser needles to achieve a robust and three-dimensional look.

* Cotton products may stretch and shrink after washing.

* Please note that the product size may have a margin of error.

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